Weekly Schedule


Haveli Mandir
6pm to 7pm – Kathak for Kids
7pm to 8pm – Kathak for Kids


Haveli Mandir
7pm to 8pm – Kathak for Kids


Ektaa Center
7:30pm – 8:30pm – Kathak Adults


Haveli Mandir
 9am – 10am – Kathak for Kids
10am – 11am – Kathak for Kids
11am – 12pm – Kathak for Kids

Dance Works
1pm – 2pm – Kathak for Adults
2pm – 3pm – Kathak for Adults


Ektaa Center
2691 Richter Ave, Suite 104
Irvine, CA 92606

Haveli Mandir
1882 McGaw Ave
Irvine, CA 92614

Dance Works
66 Maxwell
Irvine, CA 92618

Class Descriptions

Kathak for Kids

This is a syllabus-based class where students follow a regimen of Kathak exams, workshops and recitals over a six-year period culminating in their graduation “Rang Pravesh.”  Students learn todas, natawaris, tihaais, taal recitations, baant, hastas and tatkaars.  A complete Kathak workbook is provided to prepare the students for their exams.

Pre-Kathak – Under Age 5

This is a 30-minute is non-ghungroo class that introduces the basic concepts of Kathak to children under the age of five.  Emphasis is on stance, hastas and terminology that prepared young children for a syllabus-based class in the future.

Kathak for Adults

This class is for Adults looking to learn Kathak, but don’t want to commit to the exams and graduation.  It caters to existing dancers who wish to learn the nuances of classical Kathak.

Bollywood for Adults

Bollywood for Adults is a fun-filled class where students learn popular moves to current dance songs.  It’s a great workout, and a fabulous way to keep up with the steps to latest Bollywood dance songs played at parties.  And, a great way to socialize and make new friends!


Classical Dance Drama – Everyone Welcome

Classical Dance Drama is a dance-based intensive class that focuses on character creation and storytelling.  Participants get to work with international choreographers and perform in renowned dance plays such as “Ramayan”, “Krishna”, “Moksha”, “Laila Majnu”, “Cinderella” and “Anarkali”. Men, women and children of all ages participate in the productions which are held every 2 years.  Currently, IDTC is working on “Moksha” – a tale from the life of Gautam Buddha.


If you are interested in a class-time that is not listed here, a specialty class or a master class, please contact Ruchi Lamba to get details on upcoming classes and venues.